Case study
Event Venue Holiday Lead Generation
Type : 
Case Studies
goal : 
Holiday Event Leads
duration : 
4 Months

Slice Weston is an already well know venue but had never really tried advertising on Facebook/Instagram for lead generation. They came to use to help them generate leads (form submission of Name, Email, & Phone #) for both holiday parties and general events (Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Anniversary, Weddings, Birthday, etc…).


We did an analysis of their past and potential customers to get a better understanding of who they are and what their interests are. We were able to use this data to create buyer personas for targeting.

Since there were two different types of leads we were trying to generate we needed to create audiences and targets for each.


We developed a strategy to leverage video content to create audiences so we can really showcase the venue and create custom audiences.

We split test landing pages vs the Facebook lead form to find what worked best.


Final Results

164 combined leads for the holiday parties & general parties exclusively via Facebook & Instagram Ads in just 4 Months.

They were booked for the holiday season.

Holiday Party Leads
General Party Leads
Cost per Lead

By using the targeting options within Facebook we were able to place their clients ads in front of people who were already thinking of throwing an event. Allow us to capture them before the competition.