Case study
Generated 111 Leads in 21 Days
Type : 
Case Studies
goal : 
Generate Leads from Social Media
duration : 
21 Days

Fitness 1440 came to us because they were looking to increase brand awareness within the community. There are gyms all around the area, but they are different and wanted people to know that. They are also opening a yoga studio and need students for their classes. While creating that brand awareness we generated leads of people interested in visiting the facility.


The gym had been there for years yet there was very little awareness of their existence within the health and exercise community in their area.

They are competing against big box gyms with very large brand awareness. Companies such as LA Fitness & 24 Hour Fitness.

Their prices and services were better than their competitors, people just didn’t know about them.


We developed a strategy to leverage video content so we can really showcase the facility and what they offer.

We worked with the team at Velocity Video to create the content that will be used in the ads. We took these videos and ran them on Facebook and Instagram to generate requests for a tour.


111 combined leads for the gym and yoga class exclusively via Facebook & Instagram Ads in just 21 Days.

There were two campaigns. One for the Gym and the other for their new Yoga Studio. We generated 76 leads for Yoga and 35 leads for the Gym at a cost of $11.39/lead.

Their brand reached 30,000+ people and was shown 75,000 times.

Cost Per Lead
People Reached

From the campaign the client had 111 contacts for their sales team. Each lead included First & Last name, email, and phone number. What made this campaign so powerful was the use of video for the ads. We teamed up with a local video team to create amazing videos to use in the ads.