Case study
Lead Generation for Window & Door Company
Type : 
Case Studies
goal : 
Lead Generation
duration : 
4 weeks

With such high competition in the Window and Door industry, Florida Window & Door came to us looking for a more cost-effective way to generate exclusive leads. They had been spending thousands of dollars a month on Google Adwords with some success. Yet, their cost per lead kept going up as the competition is so fierce. Their cost per lead was over $100 using Google Adwords. They wanted to find a way to generate leads at a lower cost to maximize their ad spend.


After reviewing their Google Analytics we noticed that they were generating a lot of traffic from not just Google Adwords but organically as well. Much of the traffic wasn’t converting or coming back.

We took their website traffic, email list, and current customers and analyzed them using our tools. This allowed us to gain insights into the demographics of the people that were visiting their website, their past customers & current custom customers.


We developed a strategic multichannel marketing approach that focused on growing their organic traffic (SEO) and Facebook Advertising.

We used Facebook Advertising to remarket to the people that have visited their website and also targeted custom audiences (personas) based on the insights collected.

While beginning to generate leads with the Facebook Campaign we focused on making sure that the website was properly optimized and began our off-site SEO strategy.


Final Results

2,019 combined leads – 200 Leads per month exclusively via Facebook Ads & Search Engine Optimization

Facebook Results

In ten (10) months (April 2018 – Jan. 2019) we generated 347 exclusive leads using Facebook advertising at a cost of $30.10 per lead. Over $60 in savings per lead compared to Google Ads.

SEO Results

In ten (10) months (April 2018 – Jan. 2019) organic leads increased 230% YoY – 1,672 Leads

Website conversion rate increases 85% YoY

Leads per Month
Cost per Lead on Facebook
Increase in Organic Lead Generation

By moving the client from Google Ads to Facebook Ads we were able to save them $60 per lead. That's a savings of $20,820 by generating the leads on Facebook and not Google.