Outdoor Kitchen Lead Generation

Lead Generation Strategy

Paradise Outdoor Kitchens, a successful referral-based business, was looking to expand and grow their brand by reaching new clients. To support their growth, they turned to our marketing team for help.

The Problem

Paradise Outdoor Kitchens, a successful referral-based business, was facing a common challenge for businesses looking to grow - finding a cost-effective way to reach new clients and expand their customer base beyond word-of-mouth referrals. While the business had built a reputation for quality and craftsmanship through their referrals, they realized that they needed to increase their visibility and reach in order to continue growing. To address this challenge, they turned to our marketing team for help in developing a strategy to reach new clients and expand their brand.

Our Solution

To address the challenge faced by Paradise Outdoor Kitchens, our marketing team proposed a solution that leveraged the power of social media advertising - a Facebook Lead Generation Campaign. The campaign was designed to target a large audience at a low cost, using Facebook's advanced targeting capabilities to reach potential customers who fit the demographic and geographic criteria identified by Paradise Outdoor Kitchens. By using a lead generation form embedded directly in the Facebook ad, the campaign was able to capture contact information from interested leads, allowing Paradise Outdoor Kitchens to build a database of potential customers beyond their existing referrals. The campaign was monitored and optimized regularly to ensure maximum effectiveness and ROI, helping Paradise Outdoor Kitchens to achieve their growth goals and expand their brand beyond their existing customer base.

The Results

New Lead Generation Source Generated 60+ Leads in 30 Days

The results of the Facebook Lead Generation Campaign for Paradise Outdoor Kitchens were outstanding. The campaign was able to reach 16,204 different people and was shown 51,464 times, all with a budget of less than $1,500. The lead generation form embedded in the Facebook ad captured contact information from 64 interested leads, which resulted in 2 new jobs, 3 pending, and 64 people added to their database. These results exceeded Paradise Outdoor Kitchens' expectations and demonstrated the effectiveness of social media advertising as a cost-effective way to reach new clients and expand their customer base. The success of the campaign has allowed Paradise Outdoor Kitchens to continue to use Facebook advertising to promote their business and attract new customers.

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Reviews from real clients

JerryAnn Winans
Business Owner

Jose Victor of Recon Media was extremely helpful and professional. It was clear that he know a great deal about SEO and Google Analytics. He answered all of my questions about SEO optimization. I highly recommend Jose Victor as an SEO consultant.

Frank Latella
Owner of Strength for Combat

Jose from Recon Media is very professional and knowledgeable. My business is doing better than ever!

Supreme Credit Repair

The knowledge that Recon Media has imparted on has been invaluable for our business! Jose really knows marketing! The way in which he explains things is very easy to understand, easy to learn and follow. I highly recommend Recon Media for all of  your marketing needs! Take it from us!

Dan DeMott

Jose and his team did a fantastic job with a rebranding for my real estate business. Fast turn around, excellent service, and great delivery. Very happy with my experience.

Beth Hammerberg

I scheduled an hour with Jose to solve a problem I have been working on for about 3 years. He was able to help me in 30 minutes. I finally have all my online shops connected and functioning.... thank you!

Dr. Javier E. Martinez

Jose had been highly recommended by a friend and now I know why. I can tell you he is a very detailed, organized, professional. Full of new ideas to share, good posts in social media and articles for the blog. He’s our marketing partner! It didn’t take long for us to see results. He’s done such a great job with our online marketing and has guided us in into the direction of more web presence. His knowledge and understanding shows in the results we’ve received.

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